Gemineye startet his musical journey around 1990 when MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and Technotronic conquered the world. He soon switched to some crazyer stuff like NWA, Public Enemy, Das EFX… So hip hop was his first love as you can say. But it did not take long for him to find out that „listening“ is not enough.

With his buddy Dez48 he startet to to make his first beats and let him rap over them. That was around 1995. Well as you never heard something from them, it was not soooo tight 😉 but as you know practice makes perfect… kind off… But back then they had the idea to start a label called „Das Cameleon“.

So 1999 another musical part came up. First turntable (omnitronic) and a gemini mixer…. yes gemini… that all was crap. A few months later the first Technics 1210 MKII and a Vestax 05 Pro entered the room. At that time 0711Club in Stuttgart was „tha shit“. So all he wanted was party and bullshit… and the Subculture Mixtape Contest offered a way to have a gig in that club. Well 2nd place was not good enough 🙂

So Hip Hop was very big and they rocked some little parties in Jugendhaus Süd (Sindelfingen), private parties, the first „release“ of the infamous mixtape „spezialeinheit“ (selling off the trunk…how ghetto!!!), etc.
In 2000 he started studying and so he had to reduce his musical time. Still producing some beats, dj, and…yes party and bullshit… but being more experimental as Hip hop was not enough. Some electro and experimental Hip Hop crossed his way.

After building some online connections he joined the r2s crew with Rockes and KFA. Well 2003 they had one Gig in Coburg at the GUP festival where he was the crew DJ with his cuts. Yeah Kool Savas and Eko fresh where the headliners…well 😉

In the following years he found his way to dubstep (Thanks to RKNS from cologne). Allways anoying people why there are no dubstep parties in Stuttgart he decided to start his own party series called „Basssucht“ at Hype Club in january 2010.

Finding his way back to the music he also started the Mix and Mastering Studio 187 with his old colleague Dez48 who was still busy all the time producing hip hop and connecting with more and more people. They plan to come up with „Das Cameleon Entertainment“ in 2010.

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